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Automatic gates in Vologda, sale and manufacture of the gate in Vologda

 Your first automatic gate or instruction to the customer the choice of type and preparation of the gate openings.

So, you wind up building and decided to install an automatic gate. Typically, this set of two gates: the gate to enter the territory and garage doors. You go to the Internet and see that as an entrance gate is most often used swing and sliding gates and garage doors as a sectional and folding. If you have a choice, the question always arises - and which is better?
 The gate to enter the

To answer this question when choosing the type of gates must be considered:
 -Layout of the yard and adjacent to the gate area,
 -Entrance conditions,
 And climatic conditions,
Layout of the yard and adjacent to the gate area

Layout of the yard and adjacent to the gate area has a significant influence on the choice of type of gate. If a spacious courtyard and adjacent to the gate area is not limited to buildings, then opt for swing or sliding gates is determined by differences in their design and principle of operation, entrance conditions and cost.

Swing gates most familiar to mankind. The design of their known since time immemorial: the two pillars on which hung two hinged doors. Additional options: electric, lights, stops, clamps, and constipation. They can open up as the outside and inside the courtyard. And in either case, you must make sure that the doors on the swept surface, there were no facilities. Otherwise, you may be damaged and the gate and objects in the path of their movement. This is the main drawback of swing gates, which is particularly evident when the court is limited to buildings.

Sliding doors are more complicated design, but by a signal on the opening move in the direction (left or right), moving along the inner side of the fence, and do not represent any danger for objects located in front of them.

 - If the yard is too small, and adjacent to the gate area is limited to buildings, the best option are the sliding doors.

 In order to decide which way they can fall back to the aperture to the width of the gate width and add half to measure the result to the left and right from the opening. Thus, you will determine the length of the fence there will be enough to fully open the sliding gate. For example, if the opening width of 6 meters, then 6 +3 = 9.

So for the complete opening of the gates it is necessary that the edge of the opening before the end of the fence was at least nine meters. We assume that this condition is satisfied on the left of the doorway from the yard.

Another equally important condition is the absence of stationary objects along the fence in the direction of the gate. This is due to the need for the device to the left of the doorway (in our example) is sufficiently strong foundation of three meters long. Depth of foundation depends on climatic conditions. In the Moscow region is determined by the depth of soil freezing, and is approximately 1.5 meters.
Terms of entrance

Design of access roads and gates is a complex task, which should provide a convenient, easy and safe entry and exit admitted to the territory of cars and trucks.

Consider the two most common variants of the entrance to the gate:
 - Entrance to the line
 - Entrance to the rotation.

 At the entrance gate in a straight line is determined by the type of layout of the yard, and the width of the aperture dimensions of passing vehicles with a certain reserve.

If you arrive with the rotation because of the nuances of all much more complicated. Here the great role played by the length of vehicles, calls in the territory, the width of the roadway, the roadway distance from the fence. The greater the length of the vehicle, roadway, and has less distance to the fence, the greater should be the opening for the gate.

 If at departure from the territory of vehicles crossing the pedestrian sidewalk, in connection with a limited review of the possible side assaults on people. In order to prevent such accidents as the gates must be equipped with a light or audible alarm, notifying passers-by to leave cars.
The climatic conditions

The climatic conditions of the Vologda region, the choice between swinging and sliding gates affected by the depth of soil freezing and precipitation in the form of snow.

Freezing depth determines the depth of foundation, with which he is forced soil freezing. In the case of laying the foundation to a depth less than the depth of freezing, freezing the moisture under the foundation, expanding, distort it, which leads to imbalance and failure of the gate.

This is true for both swing and sliding gates. The difference is that the foundation under the sliding door to greater volume, and therefore more expensive.

 Precipitation in the form of snow at the opening of the swing and sliding gates affected in different ways. So at the height of snow above the lower cutoff gate opening them without cleaning up the snow in front of the gate is impossible. Sliding doors open easily even when the drifts. So check out or check in to the territory after a snowfall depends on the terrain of your car.
The cost of automatic gates, sliding gates

 In the case of accounting for all expenses the cost of swing and sliding gates a little different, although some items have a significant difference. As an example, consider the components of prices in rubles with VAT swing and sliding gates identical size: width - 4 meters Height - 2 meters. Swing gates Sliding gates
The cost of the gates in the collection of 28000 49500
The cost of automation 31000 15500
Delivery, installation 17500 19500
Foundations of 30000 27000

Based on the above information, you can more rational approach to the choice of gates. If in the process of reading this material you have any questions about the design and the principle of sliding and swing gates answers can be found on our website under Articles.

As the garage, most often used folding and sectional and gates. And the swing is often set by inertia, without thinking that they have a competitive alternative - sectional doors. They do not have the disadvantages of swing gates associated with the layout of the yard and the terms of the entrance and have the advantages of sliding doors on the climatic conditions. This is due to fundamental differences of their construction and principle of operation compared to the swing gate.

At a cost advantage in favor of sectional doors. They are 25-35% cheaper than the identical characteristics of the swing gate.

Conclusion: Sectional doors have advantages over swing gates and garage doors as they have no alternative.

The state of openings is important at all stages - from the opening bell at the firm to order the gate to the arrival of teams of installers to install them. When you call on the firm by one of the first questions that will ask you to be the willingness of openings.
 If openings are ready, we can accurately determine the size of the gate and, hence, their cost and the approximate time of installation.
 If the openings are not ready, talk about the cost and timing of the installation is uncertain. It all depends on how quickly and efficiently will be prepared openings.

 Preparation of openings you can assign to a company builder on the technical task of the company gate installer or installer company. Preference should be given firm installer, because its perpetrators know all the details of installation and prevent errors in the preparation of openings, which may lead to increased time and complexity of installing the gates and, consequently, increase the cost of installation.

In case you are instructed training openings developer, you should closely monitor their compliance with technical requirements. Otherwise, you will have to pay for a remake of the opening and leave a blank team of installers. Yes, and installation time can be delayed indefinitely.
ORDER OF GATE AND COUNTING THE COST please contact us at +79115240489 so

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