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Set ULTRA HD 4 megapixel video surveillance (2560x1440)

Set ULTRA HD 4 megapixel video surveillance (2560x1440)
Set ULTRA HD 4 megapixel video surveillance (2560x1440) Set ULTRA HD 4 megapixel video surveillance (2560x1440) Set ULTRA HD 4 megapixel video surveillance (2560x1440) Set ULTRA HD 4 megapixel video surveillance (2560x1440)
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The high resolution of 4Mp cameras becomes more in demand, when the purpose of installing video surveillance is clear detailing of persons or, for example, car numbers. These camera models are widely distributed in public places of mass gathering of people, such as railway stations, metro and airports, shopping centers and banks, large industrial enterprises. The advantages of AHD high-definition cameras Sohran 4Mr are: - High detail of the image. If necessary, it is possible to bring the object of video surveillance closer without significant loss of quality. - Image quality even on high resolution screen. When using AHD 4Mp high definition cameras, the load on the server is increasing, which requires more powerful recording equipment and larger hard drives. In the range is available 4-channel A-4 5Mp video surveillance kit.

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Inexpensive, reliable and compact 4-channel AHD (Analog High Definition) video recorder. The registrar ensures the quality of video recording comparable to IP cameras, while - complete absence of delays and simple connection, which does not require special knowledge and skills. AHD technology allows the transfer of high-definition video with progressive scan, which increases the quality of video recording and increases detail. Support for cloud technology (P2P), simple remote connection and management. Support 3G. Remote monitoring over the network, CMS client.

Designed to perform security controls on any site. The system is very simple in both application and installation, so any installation can be done with its installation and configuration. This set will be an excellent choice for equipping small objects - summer house, office, car service, garage, private house, apartment.

Features of the DVR:

5 in 1: support for AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS / IP technologies.

The main recording modes at 25 fps: 4xAHD 5Mp, 4xIP 1080P.

Hybrid recording modes at 25 fps: 2x AHD 5Mp + 2xIP 1080P. Connection AHD 720P / 1080P / 5Mp / CVBS: arbitrary. Video Inputs: 4 BNC. Video outputs: TV (BNC), VGA (1920x1080), HDMI (1920x1080).

Audio: 1/1;

1 HDD max. 6 Tb.

OS: Linux embedded; H.264.

Support for RS-485 (PTZ).

Supports UTC control.

Work with cloud service yunyis.com via PC and mobile applications (N_eye).

DC 12V, 2A; The slave. pace. 0 ° C + 50 ° C, the metal case (255х180х40мм, 0,900 kg).

Characteristics of the camera:

Resolution: 4Mp (2560x1440);

Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS AHD sensor;

Sensitivity: 0.001 lux;

Lens: 3.6 mm;

Viewing angle: 77.5 °;

IR illumination: up to 15m (12 microcrystalline infrared diodes);

There is no OSD menu;

Does not go into analog (CVBS) mode.

The slave. Temp .: -40 ° C + 50 ° C;

Protection class: IP66 (metal housing);

Power supply: DC 12V, 50 ~ 400mA;

Body: 145x55x55 mm, 0.180 kg.

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