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About Us

The company "Inform-Resource" provides a full range of integrated services in the field of technical security, namely:

Security Systems

We carry a full range of design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire safety equipment such as:

Burglar alarms;
Surveillance System

Fire alarms;
Access Control Systems (ACS);

Automatic Fire;

Our experts have extensive experience in designing and installing systems, fire alarm systems, access control and CCTV. Our engineers will help you develop the concept of technical security of your property (to the apartment, small office or home country to a large company) based on your requirements and economic feasibility. In our work we use the latest equipment (from economical systems for small objects up to complex integrated digital system with unlimited possibilities.)

We can build according to your desire the security system of any complexity.

In addition, if necessary, we will help you pass your object to the remote central monitoring of private security.

The cost of design and installation work - negotiated (depending on the complexity of the object). Resident Engineer for the preliminary site survey - free of charge. By contacting us for help, you will be pleasantly surprised by quality-price ratio.

Control system of vehicles

Our company provides a full range of services associated with the introduction of traffic management systems:

preliminary consultations;

study the structure of the system, based on customer requirements;

range of cartographic products;

installation and configuration of the terminal equipment to monitor the cars on the customer's vehicle;

configure terminal equipment transport management system in accordance with the requirements of the client;

selection, retrieval, and installation of necessary sensors on the vehicle the customer;

debugging and commissioning of the system.

Nowadays, the monitoring system of transport is becoming increasingly popular. The effectiveness of such a system is obvious. The monitoring system of transport, such as satellite monitoring of transport can provide any company with its own car park security guarantees cargoes and vehicles themselves. The system performs the monitoring of transport, several useful functions: show where the car stopped where, how fast moving, notify the change of route, and will shorten the path from initial to final destination.

Automation system gates and barriers

Our company offers project development, construction, installation and maintenance of all types of automatic gates and barriers to entry into the organization of any territory (private garage, parking, industrial site, etc.) Automatic gates are one of the surest ways to protect the area from uninvited guests. With automatic swing gate mark almost every car owner, roller automatic gate depths conceal storage sheds, automatic gates sectional meet staff office buildings. And it's not the whole list of technical diversity of the gate, equipped with automatic drive. For each object, for various technical purposes may find a suitable option of automatic gates.

Satellite TV

Structured Cable Networks

Creating a structured cabling system in the office and equipment for its office based on a single set of low-voltage systems with its subsequent maintenance.

Experts of our company will pick up the entire set on the market of software and hardware, those who by their functional parameters provide the best compatibility between themselves and with the complex tasks of managing the company.

Structured cabling system. Design and creation of a structured cabling system (network) to the customer's premises at any level of complexity.

The complex low-voltage systems. Design, installation, configuration, and subsequent maintenance of low voltage systems in the customer office.
Organizing a local area network of distributed data networks, the construction of the telephone network, control access to the facility,

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