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Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS

Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS
Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS
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IP camera HikVision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS with 4Mp resolution is built on the platform of The Raptor and combines excellent technical characteristics, high resolution and low cost. The camera is equipped with a variofocal lens 2.8-12mm, powerful IR illumination and a mechanical IR-filter. All this allows us to effectively use the camera for outdoor video surveillance (perimeter protection, control of entry / exit, etc.) both during the day and at night.

If you have questions about this product please ask on our forum

HikVision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS is based on a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor. Max. resolution of 2688 × 1520. With this resolution, the frame rate is 20 FPS. At FullHD resolution and below, a full 25 FPS.


The HikVision DS-2CD2632F-IS camera body is very compact for a camera with such characteristics. The camera is protected from unfavorable external conditions, dust, moisture (protection class IP66) and is excellent for operation in the middle zone of Russia: the temperature regime of the camera is from -40 to 60 ° C.


Like the other HikVision cameras, the Raptor, the DS-2CD2642FWD-IS supports 3D DNR 3D digital noise reduction and digital expansion of the DWDR dynamic range. All this provides good picture quality even in difficult lighting conditions (presence of bright and dark zones in the scene), backlight, etc. Powerful IR illumination has a range of 30 meters and allows the camera to see in total darkness.


The camera is powered by a power supply (not included) or Power of Ethernet. HikVision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS is also equipped with a slot for memory cards.

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