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BEWARD B2710DR-01 2Mp SonyExmor

BEWARD B2710DR-01 2Mp SonyExmor
BEWARD B2710DR-01 2Mp SonyExmor
16,000р. incl. tax
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Quantity: 1 pcs
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Dome 2 megapixel IP camera; 1 / 2.8 "CMOS SONY Exmor; 1920x1080 - 25 fps; 2.8-11 mm (ARA); 0.01 / 0.005 lux; IR illumination 10 m; H.264 / MJPEG; Audio I / O; Alarm I / O; DWDR , 2D / 3DNR; microSDHC 32 GB; ONVIF 2.01; 12 DC / PoE, 6 W; -10 ... + 50 ° C; 148 × 99 mm.

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Description Beward B2710DR

Beward B2710DR - dome IP-camera is designed to organize continuous video and audio monitoring in a room with a resolution of Full HD in real time. High-sensitivity CMOS sensor Sony Exmor ™ provides an image of impeccable quality with reduced noise and correct color reproduction. For observation in the dark, IR illumination is provided with an illumination distance up to 10 m.


Built-in varifocal lens and automatic aperture adjustment (ARD) allow you to focus the IP camera on objects distant from it at different distances. The camera supports a highly efficient H.264 encoding format and DWDR technology (advanced dynamic range with digital signal processing). The model fits perfectly into the interior, and thanks to PoE power it does not require additional cables to connect.


Accurate color rendering and high sensitivity

IP camera B2710DR is equipped with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor Exmor ™. This provides an effective reduction in noise and a clear image with excellent color reproduction, even with insufficient light on the object. In the daytime, with the IR-filter, as well as using the functions of auto iris, adjustable shutter speed, white balance and a full set of image adjustments, the camera generates high-quality video.


IR illumination for surveillance in the dark

For effective viewing even in total darkness, the B2710DR camera is equipped with third-generation IR LEDs, which feature an increased operating life and a high stability of parameters compared to conventional ones. The efficiency of third generation LEDs is so high that each of them replaces 15-20 conventional ones, so only two LEDs are sufficient to provide the given camera model with an IR illumination distance of up to 10 meters. Activation of IR illumination occurs automatically when the illumination level falls to a certain value, by video signal or by schedule. At the same time, the IP camera switches to black-and-white operation mode and the electromechanical IR-filter is moved away. Due to this, regardless of external lighting sources, the camera provides the possibility of continuous monitoring of the room.


DWDR mode (Extended dynamic range with digital signal processing)

The technology of digital expansion of the dynamic range is an effective option for working in moderately difficult lighting conditions. With this mode, you can distinguish not just an object against the background of a bright light source, but also what is happening around it: for example, the numbers on the license plate of the car with the lights on. At the same time, the image looks saturated and balanced in terms of color characteristics. The DWDR mode is user-configurable in the camera menu: it is possible to set the DWDR level, which determines the contrast between light and dark areas of the image.


Noise Reduction System (2D / 3DNR)

The decisive role for the video surveillance system as a whole is played by the use of such a signal processing method as noise reduction. The work of interference elimination algorithms in the video image not only improves its quality, but also affects subsequent processing processes such as compression and decompression. The B2710DR uses two noise filters - 2DNR and 3DNR - to select the most effective combination, depending on the conditions of the video. The 3DNR noise reduction filter combines the advantages of temporal and spatial filters, while eliminating the inherent disadvantages. In general, noise reduction technology significantly increases the efficiency of the video surveillance system in low light conditions.


The Wealth of Security Functions

With the help of the B2710DR it's very easy to monitor the situation on the protected object. On an alarm signal, for example, when an unauthorized movement is in sight of the IP camera, the operator will immediately receive an alert. Additionally, it is possible to connect a security sensor to register events such as opening doors / windows, gas leakage, fire, etc.


Simultaneous H.264 / MJPEG encoding

The camera simultaneously generates up to 2 image streams in H.264 and MJPEG formats. The H.264 codec provides the best video quality with a small file size. High coding efficiency allows optimal use of hardware resources, which ultimately reduces the cost of investment in the security surveillance system. Free professional software included.


Technical specifications Beward B2710DR

Unit of measure: 1 pcs.

Dimensions (mm): 960x528.64x352.48

Sensor 2 Mp, CMOS 1 / 2.8 '' SONY Exmor, Day / Night

Sensitivity 0.01 lux (day) / 0.005 lux (night)

Varifocal lens, from 2.8 to 11.0 mm, F1.4

Viewing angle 29 to 90 ° (horizontal), 18 to 63 ° (vertical)

Adjusting the angle of inclination From -110 to 110 ° (horizontally), from 15 to 90 ° (vertically)

Diaphragm control

Magnification Optical: 4x, digital

WDR Digital, 3 presets

Noise Reduction Smart NR, 2DNR, 3DNR

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